Why Hire an Attorney?

Why Hire an Attorney?

Why Hire An Attorney?

Too many people involved in motorcycle accidents only contact a lawyer when it’s already too late.  Even people who have a clear case for negligence or motorcycle product liability may never speak to a lawyer because they are afraid or worried that hiring a lawyer is not something they can afford. Others are intimidated by the legal process or don’t know how to find the right lawyer who can help them with their case.

The Attorneys at Cycle Law are experts at motorcycle accident cases. Though you have no legal obligation to ever hire your own lawyer for your case, it’s always in your best interest to at least speak to an experienced attorney before you make any decision which impacts your life. Whether you’re worried about costs, don’t know how to proceed, or have any concern at all, you can always contact us so we can answer your questions.

Your Rights In A Motorcycle Accident

A motorcycle accident can occur so suddenly it can be hard to know exactly what happened. Even if you know what happened, you still need the advice of an experienced attorney who is familiar with all the legal implications your case involves. A good lawyer will listen to you, investigate the accident, and provide advice based on the circumstances involved in your case. Each case is different, and you cannot rely on what you hear from friends, family, or the Internet. Only an experienced Cycle Law Attorney can provide you with legal advice about your accident.

Not only that, but some of your rights have a time limit. If you wait to long, your rights may evaporate without you ever realizing what happened. Sometimes you have to act quickly, while other times require more care and deliberation. How do you know when to act and when to wait? Your attorney will tell you.

Not every motorcycle accident results in a lawsuit or a fight with an insurance company. However, unless you are an expert at Cycle Law, you won’t know what your rights are or how to pursue them. It is your lawyer’s job to make sure you know what your rights are and give you advice about how to protect them.

Everyone Else Has A Lawyer

If you are dealing with an insurance company, you can be absolutely certain that the company has lawyers working on its side. Those lawyers aren’t looking out for your rights, they are looking out for the insurance company’s interest. Not only that, but if you are in a multi-vehicle accident and the other people involved have lawyers, you are at an even greater disadvantage.

Your lawyer’s only job is to be your legal advocate and do what is best for you. If you are worried about attorney’s fees, be assured that we will always discuss ant fee agreement in detail beforehand. If you ever meet an attorney that won’t discuss fees, you should contact us immediately. We are always upfront about our fees and will answer any questions you have.

Having Someone On Your Side

Even if you’re hesitant to talk to a lawyer, you owe it to yourself to pick up the phone and call and us today. Everyone else is going to have an attorney working for them, so why shouldn’t you? Your lawyer will be there for you, fighting on your side, and protecting your rights.

Call the Attorneys at Cycle Law today so we can start working for you.