Ventura Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

Ventura Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

Components of a Motorcycle Injury Claim

Robert A. BrennerContact a Ventura Motorcycle Injury Lawyer if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident caused by an uninsured motorist. There are contract claims made in vehicular accident lawsuits when uninsured motorist insurance policies are involved. A personal automobile insurance policy generally carries uninsured motorist coverage, which protects the owner of the insurance and/or vehicle in the event that the owner of the vehicle is damaged by a driver that does not have automobile liability insurance. A Ventura Motorcycle Injury Attorney can help with your uninsured motorist claim. The uninsured motorist coverage ‘steps in’ the place of the negligent uninsured motorist and the insured is then compensated by his own insurance company. Although a claim under an automobile uninsured motorist policy is a contractual claim, the insured is entitled to recover the same types of damages as in the tort claims. Your Ventura Motorcycle Injury Lawyer can help you get compensation from your insurance company if the at fault driver does not have insurance.


A Ventura Motorcycle Injury Attorney can help you get compensation under the law of torts. A tort is an injury to a party that occurs due to the breach of some legal duty that one person has to another. For instance, a driver of an automobile has a duty to stop at a red traffic signal. In the event that a driver violates that duty and proceeds through a red traffic signal and strikes a motorcycle that is proceeding lawfully through a green traffic signal, the driver that ran the red light has breached his duty to the motorcycle rider, has presumably caused some injury to that rider, and is therefore liable to the rider under a tort theory of liability. Your Ventura Motorcycle Injury Lawyer will review your case and prove that the defendant breached the duty of care and caused your injuries. A tort, then, involves the violation of some duty to a third party that causes injury. You must not only prove the violation of the duty by the defendant but also that you were injured as a result of the violation. Seek the assistance of a Ventura Motorcycle Injury Attorney.


A Ventura Motorcycle Injury Lawyer can help you recover damages for your motorcycle injuries. By and large, vehicular accident cases seek the recovery of damages, or monetary compensation, for bodily injuries or property damage, which is damage to property such as a vehicle or its contents. An uninsured motorist claimant still seeks the recovery of bodily injury and/or property damages, albeit from his insurance carrier, and by and large, the lawsuit proceeds in a similar fashion. Your Ventura Motorcycle Injury Attorney will review your case and advise you of the damages you can claim. In a vehicular accident case, a party may, seek damages including the recovery of medical expenses, loss of income or the capacity to earn income, mental anguish, pain and suffering, disfigurement, loss of companionship of a spouse, parent or child. A motorcycle injury claimant may seek recovery of these damages incurred between the time of the accident and the trial of a lawsuit and into the future. Don’t miss out on the compensation you are legally entitled to. Speak to a Ventura Motorcycle Injury Lawyer.