Motorcycle Legal App

Motorcycle Legal App

The most advanced motorcycle app @ no cost

Get equipped with the most advanced and updated motorcycle app offered by the Law office of Robert A. Benner to assist the motorcyclist. This app is designed to help the motorcycle riders who need immediate support or information during or after a motorcycle accidents. This app contains many features to assist motorcycle riders in dealing with their accident. The app is supported on Android and iPhone Smartphone. Users can easily download this app free of cost from their respective apps market.motorcycle legal app

Features of app:

  • This app is featured with video camera and notepad to record any vital data at the time of accident.
  • It contains an FAQ section intended to help with your accident concerns. It will help motorcycle rider get the immediate information they require in dealing with a motorcycle accident.
  • It saves time in collecting details, evidences and data from the accident site. There is automatic GPS feature which allows you to record the location of the accident.


  • Emergency call buttons to police stations, hospitals, taxis, tow trucks near you.


  • Immediate access to an attorney.


The law offices of Robert A. Benner has been providing legal assistance to motorcyclists for over 35 years. Their most recent Motorcycle app was created to aid motorcyclist and encourage safe riding. This app is designed keeping in mind the most important needs of a motorcyclist in dealing with an accident. It is provides a more accurate source of data gathering to ensure all necessary information regarding your accident is recorded and saved on your smart phone.