Moorpark Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

Moorpark Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

Moorpark Motorcycle injury lawyer

A Moorpark Motorcycle injury lawyer by your side

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, consult with a Moorpark motorcycle injury lawyer. In a motorcycle accident lawsuit, as the victim, you must testify about the accident and the subsequent injuries. Your testimony will play a vital part in the outcome of the case. Before you testify, speak to your Moorpark motorcycle injury lawyer. When you are testifying in court, you must tell the truth and convey that idea in each response. You should never lie. Remember you are under oath. Lying under oath is perjury, a felony crime. Your answers must be as truthful and as accurate as possible. Never attempt to distort or hide the facts. Doing so will impeach your credibility and severely compromise your case. An experienced Moorpark motorcycle injury attorney can assist you with your testimony.

Your Testimony

Your Moorpark motorcycle injury lawyer cannot answer for you but can tell you when you should not answer and can object to any question deemed inappropriate or irrelevant. Answer each question as positively as possible. Never evade a question or change the subject. If you are not absolutely certain of dates, times or other facts or data, do not state them unequivocally.It is your right to consult your Moorpark motorcycle injury attorney at any time for direction, explanation or clarification. Avoid words such as always and never. Remember you are the victim plaintiff and not the expert witness. When a question is put to you, you must answer the question and not give your opinion on the question. Your testimony can make or break your case. Don’t take chances. Seek the assistance of an experienced Moorpark motorcycle injury attorney.

Cross Examination

An experienced Moorpark motorcycle accident attorney can be an invaluable source of advice on how to  deal with the cross examination. Make the defendant’s attorney ask questions. Do not volunteer information. You are not there to educate the defendant’s attorney or present him or her with any advantage. Your Moorpark motorcycle injury lawyer will advise you on what to expect during the cross examination. The defendant’s attorney may use every trick in the book to confuse you. Never fall for the pregnant pause. If the defendant’s attorney reacts to your answer with a long silence, ignore it. Generally a succinct “yes” or “no” is adequate and always advisable. Be direct and to the point in your answers. Never respond to a question with any information or data of which you do not have first hand knowledge. If you are relying on hearsay information, you must specifically mention that it is hearsay information. Do not interrupt the attorney. Let the attorney finish the questions and then respond. You can take as much time as you need to formulate your answers. Remember your Moorpark motorcycle injury attorney is present in the court and will object to any question that is inappropriate or irrelevant.