El Monte Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

El Monte Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

Evidence in a motorcycle injury claim

Your motorcycle injury claim must be backed by evidence

Contact an Azusa Motorcycle Injury Lawyer if you are suffering from a motorcycle injury.  In some cases, having physical evidence that supports your account of what occurred can make or break your case. Juries can choose to disbelieve the testimony of witnesses, but have a much harder time discounting the testimony of witnesses when there is physical evidence they can examine themselves that supports the testimony of a witness, especially when the testimony is coming from the accident victim. An experienced Azusa Motorcycle Injury Attorney can collect the required physical evidence in your case and present it to the jury. The phrase “seeing is believing” has a powerful meaning when it comes to courtroom testimony. Photos can be a good substitute for the actual physical evidence when it is impossible to bring the evidence into court. If you have an opportunity to establish that your testimony is accurate through corroborating evidence, you should grab it. As a layman you may not know how to do this. You should therefore hire the services of an experienced Azusa Motorcycle Injury Lawyer.

Insurance Companies

An Azusa Motorcycle Injury Attorney is not afraid to take on the insurance companies to get you the compensation you rightly deserve for your motorcycle injuries. Insurance companies can take more aggressive action than simply looking at your medical records to show that you are amplifying the extent of your injuries. Your Azusa Motorcycle Injury Lawyer can assist you deal with the tricks used by the insurance companies. They have been known to hire investigators who will go to your home or place of work and watch you and try to catch you doing something on video that you claimed you could not do. If they successfully obtain a recording to his effect, the chances of you getting fairly compensated drop to almost zero. Don’t let this happen to you. Seek the assistance of an experienced Azusa Motorcycle Injury Attorney.

Lost Wages

An experienced Azusa Motorcycle Injury Lawyer can help you claim lost wages past and future. Sometimes, wage loss is fairly easy to prove; other times, it is much more difficult. Proving wage loss is pretty straightforward when you are an hourly worker kept off work according to doctor’s orders. The medical records establish how long you should have been off work; the hourly rate establishes how much you would have been paid. The resulting number is pretty easy to compute, assuming that the insurance company agrees with your doctor’s recommendation to stay off work, which is not always the case. This job is best left to an expert – your Azusa Motorcycle Injury Attorney. Computing wage loss is more complex when you are self-employed, work irregularly, or are paid on commission. This is because the irregular nature of your earnings lends itself to being challenged by the insurance company. You can cause an enormous amount of trouble when you claim loss of earnings which is not supported by your tax return. Your Azusa Motorcycle Injury Lawyer can help you get lost wages.