Cruiser Bike Accidents

Cruiser Bike Accidents

Cruiser Bike Accidents

For many motorcycle operators, a cruiser represents the ultimate riding experience. These machines offer riders a chance to experience the open road as you take a relaxing drive on a sunny afternoon. However, though you may feel like your cruiser bike is safe, any motorcycle accident can lead to significant and catastrophic injuries that will follow you for the rest of your life. If you have been involved in a cruiser bike accident you should call the Attorneys at Cycle Law for expert legal advice about your case.

Cruiser Accident Damages

Though cruiser motorcycle operators are much less likely to be involved in a fatal accident than sport bike riders, that doesn’t mean a cruiser is necessarily a safer bike than other types. For many cruiser owners, the slower speed and sense of security causes them to take fewer safety precautions than the average sport motorcycle operator would. For example, many cruiser drivers choose not to wear helmets or protective clothing when riding. This can turn even minor motorcycle accident into major problems as the lack of protection can lead to road rash, lacerations, and other more significant injuries.

Cruiser Accident Statistics

Cruiser bike accidents can be expensive and lead to serious injuries. Even if you have a stock cruiser, your accident can quickly rack up medical bills, repair bills, and lost wages due to missed work.

Fatal Crashes: Cruiser operators have a lower chance of being in a fatal crash than sport bike operators. However, all motorcycle drivers have a much higher chance of being killed in an accident than do passenger car drivers. The National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration reports that motorcycle operators are approximately 25 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash per mile travelled than passenger car or light truck operators.

Average Age: The average age of a cruiser bike operator involved in a fatal crash is 44, while touring motorcycle operators involved in a fatal crash have an average age of 51. Drivers at these ages tend to have a significantly higher income than younger drivers. As a result, the loss of income from accidents involving cruiser and touring bikes tends to be much higher.

Insurance Claim Cost: Cruisers tend to be heavier and pricier than their sport bike counterparts. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety reports that while sport bike crashes are more frequent, the average cruiser bike accident costs more. The average cost to repair damages in an accident involving a cruiser or touring motorcycle is about $15,700.

 Cruiser Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The Attorneys at Cycle Law have extensive experience with all types of motorcycles and motorcycle accident injuries. If you are a cruiser bike owner who has been involved in an accident, you should speak to us immediately. We can start investigating your case and advising you on what you need to do to protect your rights, but you must contact us as soon as possible.