Camarillo Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

Camarillo Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

A motorcycle injury attorney can assist you with your motorcycle injury claim

A Camarillo Motorcycle Injury Lawyer will evaluate your case before advising you of your next step. There are many factors in evaluating a case. In fact, it is one of the most important things that a Camarillo Motorcycle Injury Attorney does because it requires all of his knowledge, skill, and experience to properly advise clients on one of the most important decisions they have to make. Any lawyer who offers you a quote or an opinion over the phone regarding what your case is worth either doesn’t know what he is doing or is doing a sales job on you. In either case, you should run in the other direction as fast as your legs will carry you! Seek the assistance of an experienced Camarillo Motorcycle Injury Lawyer.


Once the motorcycle accident lawsuit is filed with the court chosen by your Camarillo Motorcycle Injury Attorney, court personnel will issue a summons, or a citation, officially informing each defendant that he or she has been sued. After the defendants receive the summons and a copy of the complaint, each defendant has a set period of time in which to file an answer to the petition or complaint. Your Camarillo Motorcycle Injury Lawyer will ensure that the defendants are served with the summons and a copy of the complaint according to the California Civil Procedure Code. The exact time period that a defendant has to respond to a petition varies by jurisdiction. However, a defendant must file a responsive answer to the complaint within the time frame allowed by his particular jurisdiction’s rules and statutes. If a defendant does not respond to the complaint, your Camarillo Motorcycle Injury Attorney will seek a default judgment against that defendant.


A Camarillo Motorcycle Injury Lawyer has the skill and expertise needed to deal with the insurance companies. People often believe that because they have the same insurance company as the defendant, the case will be resolved in a reasonable manner. This misconception usually results from having decent dealings with your own insurer. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The adjuster (the claims representative who handles the file for the insurance company) is evaluated on how cheaply they are able to get cases resolved, and to them, it does not make any difference if you help pay their salary. You are just another person trying to get money from the insurance company, and their job is to see that as little is paid out as possible. Therefore, you should not count on any breaks or special treatment just because you have the same insurance company as the other guy. Instead let your Camarillo Motorcycle Injury Attorney do the talking. A big concern for many accident victims is the out-of-pocket medical expenses. They are not greedy; rather, they just want to recover the money they spent after their own health insurance paid its portion of the bill. It often shocks people to discover that their health insurer has a right to be reimbursed the money that they have spent on the victim’s behalf for accident-related care out of the settlement too. Protect your rights by hiring a Camarillo Motorcycle Injury Lawyer.