Austin Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Austin Motorcycle Accident Attorney

An Austin Motorcycle Accident Attorney for Any Motorbike Accident

Robert A. BrennerThere’s no fool-proof way to ensure that you won’t get in an accident. What you can do is have an Austin motorcycle accident attorney by your side before you hit the road. Cycle Law clients ride with the comforting knowledge that they have the best attorneys ready to back them up in case they in an accident. Just like you would wear a helmet to protect yourself in an accident, you need our attorneys to protect you interests. Our attorneys specialize in:

    • Fighting motorcycle accident lawsuits.
    • Pursuing insurance claims.
    • Following up on accident-related investigations.


For Any Kind of Accident

An accident is an accident. But there are different kinds of accidents and while many attorneys deal with only certain types of these, Cycle Law covers all. These include:

  • Hit and run
  • Rear-end crash
  • Stop sign collision
  • Limited vision collision

Whatever type of motorcycle accident you experience, you can rely on Cycle Law’s Austin motorcycle accident attorney’s to help you through it. No one can predict what kind of accident happens and when. You don’t have to predict, with Cycle Law by your side you can ride freely (and safely) without being stranded and at the mercy of hostile people, lawyers etc. if you ever get in an accident.

Take the Right Action, at the Right Time.

After you get in an accident, time is of the essence. You need to act quickly and correctly. Some of your rights actually have an expiration date of sorts. So if you don’t exercise them at the right time, you can end up losing a lot from thousands of dollars to life out of jail. We help you

  • Realize your rights
  • Exercise your rights
  • Avoid costly consequences

Rebuild Your Life after the Accident

As a motorbike rider you are among the most vulnerable people on the road as you don’t share the physical protection people in cars, buses and trucks enjoy. Cycle Law is there to help motorcycle riders rebuild their life after an accident. As we take care of all the legalities, you can focus on rebuilding your life. Our Austin motorcycle accident attorney always

    • Keeps you posted on the progress of the lawsuits, insurance claims, investigations etc.
    • Makes sure not to bog you down with unnecessary details.
    • Helps you recover quickly with minimal stress.


Dealing with Unchanging Bias and Changing Laws

There’s always a bias against motorcycle riders whether it’s on the road or in the courts. You need an expert Austin motorcycle accident attorney to help you overpower this bias and fight for your rights. Moreover, motorcycle laws are always changing so you need an accomplished attorney who knows the ins and outs of the latest legislature to represent and protect you.