Whittier Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

A Whittier Motorcycle Injury Lawyer can help you prove your motorcycle injuries. Many victims of motorcycle accidents suffer psychological injuries in addition to their physical injuries. Physical injuries are visible and can be easily proved. However proving a psychological injury is not easy. It requires skill and expertise. A Whittier Motorcycle Injury Attorney has the skill and expertise required to prove psychological injuries. Sometimes psychological injuries can take months and sometimes even years to show up. You will have to prove the connection between the motorcycle accident and your psychological injuries. The time gap between the two can make it difficult. The defendant can easily claim that some other event that occurred between the motorcycle accident and the time you made the claim is the cause of your psychological injuries. If you are suffering from a psychological injury from a motorcycle accident, contact a Whittier Motorcycle Injury Lawyer.

Psychological Injury

Whittier Motorcycle Injury Lawyer can assist you get compensation for your psychological injuries. If you have a claim for psychological injury, you should understand the difference between forensic and therapeutic assessment. While a clinician solicits your perspective to facilitate treatment planning, a forensic assessor solicits your perspective as one of several sources of information about the nature, severity and history of your problems. The forensic assessor’s goal is to provide a coherent and accurate description of your problems to the court. A Whittier Motorcycle Injury Attorney can review your assessment to determine if you have a claim for psychological injury. The valid assessment of psychological injuries requires several elements: a) a valid mental health condition that is the focus of assessment, b) structured reliable and valid assessment methods that are directly relevant to the legal question at hand c) the systematic application of such valid assessment methods to the individual case and d) the application of scientific knowledge about the clinical course of such injuries to the individual case. Often your Whittier Motorcycle Injury Lawyer will use the services of an expert witness to prove your psychological injuries.

Expert Witness

Your Whittier Motorcycle Injury Lawyer will arrange for an expert witness to provide testimony in support of your claim. Basically an expert witness provides an unusual input into a trial. Some psychological injuries are so complex that an expert must be brought in to explain the significance of what is in evidence to a jury. When presenting an expert witness, your Whittier Motorcycle Injury Attorney will satisfy the judge that:

    • There is some specialized area of knowledge that will help the jury understand the case before it
    • This area has a reasonable foundation as the subject of activities such as formal research, academic courses, professional education or licensing, trade or professional groups
    • The person offered as an expert witness has a foundation in the specialized area of knowledge such as having publications in the area, experience, honors, academic posts, etc.


Don’t lose out on compensation for your psychological injuries. Contact a Whittier Motorcycle Injury Lawyer.