Torrance Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

A Torrance Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Can Go Over Your Legal Rights With You

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident caused by the negligence of someone else, consult with an experienced Torrance Motorcycle Injury Lawyer. A person is said to be negligent when he or she does not exercise reasonable case and as a result of the failure, another person is injured. The generally applicable standard of care established by statute or common law in most situations is that of a reasonable person acting prudently in similar circumstances. An experienced Torrance Motorcycle Injury Attorney can review to actions of the other driver to determine if he or she is negligent. When a person does not act as a hypothetical reasonable person and the failure to act like a hypothetical reasonable person results in injury to another person, then the person is said to be negligent and will be liable for the injuries. A Torrance Motorcycle Injury Lawyer has the skill and expertise required to prove negligence in a court of law.

Reasonable Person

A Torrance Motorcycle Injury Lawyer can review your case and determine if the other driver or persons involved in the accident failed to act as a reasonable persons. The reasonable person is a fictitious person who sets an objective standard of behavior. What the judge or jury determines this hypothetical person would have done in a given situation is the standard against which the behavior of the person charged with negligence is measured. A Torrance Motorcycle Injury Attorney will use the service of expert witnesses to establish the expected norms of conduct. The injury must be a result of the negligent conduct. The negligent conduct must be sufficiently connected to the injury. An experienced Torrance Motorcycle Injury Attorney can help you prove the negligence of the defendants in a motorcycle accident lawsuit.


Torrance Motorcycle Injury Lawyer can prove that the defendants are responsible for your injuries. A widely used test for causation in fact is the but-for requirement: A person’s behavior is the cause of an injury if the injury would not have occurred but for the behavior. An act or omission is not a but-for cause of an injury if it would have happened regardless of what the defendant did. Even when the but-for requirement is met, courts sometimes fail to find proximate cause for reasons of fairness or public policy when an injury is separated from its but-for cause by time, space, or intervening events. If you are unable to prove causation, you will loose your case. Don’t take chances. Hire the services of an experienced Torrance Motorcycle Injury Attorney. There is no set rule for determining when an act is sufficiently closely connected to a consequence to be considered a proximate cause. Among the tests courts have employed are to find defendants responsible for the but-for consequences of their acts that are foreseeable harms, directly traceable harms, or, in retrospect, not highly extraordinary. The laws governing a motorcycle accident injury claim are complex. Consult with an experienced Torrance Motorcycle Injury Lawyer.