Tarzana Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

Negligence is an important factor in any motorcycle injury claim.

You will need the services of a Tarzana Motorcycle Injury Lawyer to prove your motorcycle injury claim. Almost all motorcycle injury claims are based on negligence. Some negligence cases require distinctive rules of proof. One set of rules concerns the use of expert testimony. Your Tarzana Motorcycle Injury Attorney will arrange for expert witnesses if your case requires the services of expert witnesses. Ordinarily, it is the jury’s task to decide the ultimate issue of whether the defendant acted negligently. Witnesses provide evidence relevant to that conclusion, but the witnesses are not allowed to suggest the conclusion to the jury. A police officer can testify that she found the whiskey bottle and telephone in the car, but she cannot then say that the defendant must have been driving carelessly. Some issues are more complicated, however, and your Tarzana Motorcycle Injury Lawyer will use expert testimony, including expert opinions about the defendant’s negligence, to aid the jury in reaching its decision.


Your Tarzana Motorcycle Injury Attorney will help you gather the information and evidence required to prove negligence of the defendant. Negligence is the failure to observe reasonable care. Suppose a driver does 60 m.p.h. in a 35 m.p.h. zone hits a motorcycle rider. The fact that the driver may have been going too fast suggests negligence, but the fact that the driver violated the legal speed limit is even more compelling evidence of negligence. Your Tarzana Motorcycle Injury Lawyer will review the defendant’s actions for violations of the law. The reasonable person does not violate the law, so a lawbreaker is by definition acting unreasonably. Once defendant’s negligence is shown, the causal link between the defendant’s careless act and the plaintiff’s harm is usually clear. A driver fails to stop at a red light and knocks down a motorcycle rider who had the right of way. If the driver had not failed to stop, the motorcycle rider would not have been knocked down. This is known as the but for rule of causation: A tortfeasor is liable if the victim would not have been injured but for the tortfeasor’s negligence. Your Tarzana Motorcycle Injury Attorney will review the circumstances of your case to determine negligence.

More Than One Defendant

Once your Tarzana Motorcycle Injury Lawyer reviews your case, he or she will advise you on your sources of possible compensation – you may be in a position to claim compensation from parties other than the other driver. For example, if the improper road signage contributed to the accident, then you can claim compensation from the city besides the other driver. Sometimes, there could be other drivers who are at fault, especially when the driver who crashed into you had to suddenly turn in order to avoid another negligent driver. Speak to a Tarzana Motorcycle Injury Attorney before you make your motorcycle injury claim. Remember motorcycle injuries can have long lasting consequences. So don’t miss out on the compensation you are entitled to. Contact an experienced Tarzana Motorcycle Injury Lawyer immediately.