Studio City Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

If your motorcycle accident was caused by a defective product, contact a Studio City Motorcycle Injury Lawyer. Strict liability refers to liability that is imposed even in the absence of intent to injure or negligence. Strict liability has been around for a long time, and it is also the source of the most significant and most controversial expansion of tort liability over the last half-century, in the realm of products liability. Your Studio City Motorcycle Injury Attorney can demonstrate negligence even in the absence of proof, when an accident happens that normally happens only because someone has been negligent. There is a Latin phrase for this doctrine: res ipsa loquitur, which means “the thing speaks for itself.” Proving strict liability is a complex task. Seek the assistance of an experienced Studio City Motorcycle Injury Lawyer.

Test For Product Liability

Your Studio City Motorcycle Injury Attorney will gather the necessary evidence to show that your motorcycle injury was caused by a defective product. Under the consumer expectations test, a product has a design defect and strict liability is imposed on its manufacturer if the product is more dangerous than would be expected by the ordinary consumer. The rider expects that the motorcycle will make the turn, possibly skid a little bit, but not flip over. If it does, the manufacturer is strictly liable and the injured driver is spared the necessity of proving exactly what the manufacturer did wrong in designing the motorcycle that makes it unstable. Your Studio City Motorcycle Injury Lawyer can demonstrate that the motorcycle did not perform as expected. The risk-utility test for strict liability balances the costs and benefits of the product. If the risks outweigh the benefits, the product is defective and the manufacturer is strictly liable for the harm the product causes. Your Studio City Motorcycle Injury Attorney can determine if a defective product caused or contributed to your motorcycle injury.

Normal Use

Your Studio City Motorcycle Injury Lawyer can counter the defendant manufacturer’s arguments that you did not use the motorcycle for its intended use and there the defendant is not liable for your injuries. In weighing the risks and benefits of the design of a product, a manufacturer has to consider all of the normal uses of a product. Riders certainly don’t want to be involved in accidents, but everybody knows that sooner or later many motorcycles will crash. In designing motorcycles, manufacturers have to recognize this fact and make a motorcycle that is to some degree crash-worthy. Your Studio City Motorcycle Injury Attorney will use the services of experts if required to prove your claim. Sometimes a product is defective because there is an alternative to it that provides similar benefits at less risk. Even if a product is not defectively manufactured or designed, the manufacturer can be strictly liable for failing to warn the user of the product of some risk associated with it. If you have been injured by the faulty design of your motorcycle, contact an Studio City Motorcycle Injury Lawyer.