Sherman Oaks Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

Sherman Oaks Motorcycle Injury Lawyer can assist you collect your medical records required to make a motorcycle injury claim. The medical record in its entirety is a written chronicle of the medical and nursing care that a patient has received or is expected to receive over a period of time and a record of those who provided that care. This includes care prior to admission to an institution, care while in the institution or an anticipated course of treatment after discharge. A Sherman Oaks Motorcycle Injury Attorney can advise you of the importance of your medical records. Medical records are first and foremost a medical document and second a legal document. It will provide evidence of the type and quality of care that a patient received at the hands of those caregivers whose orders, progress notes and various reports are included in it. A Sherman Oaks Motorcycle Injury Lawyer can review your medical records and advise you of your options.

Legal Significance

To know about the legal significance of medical records, talk to a Sherman Oaks Motorcycle Injury Lawyer. The record will confirm that the patient has been properly identified, assessed and admitted to the institution. The institution must retain the medical records for the time prescribed by the Department of Health and Human Services. Medical record establishes a legal record to protect the rights and interests of the patient, the institution and the providers of care. The contents of a medical record have great significance in a medical accident lawsuit. Based on the contents of your medical records, a Sherman Oaks Motorcycle Injury Attorney can advise you of your eligibility for compensation. The adequacy of the record can make or break a case. A Sherman Oaks Motorcycle Injury Lawyer will scrutinize your medical record to weigh its merits and its utility in supporting your case.

Ownership of Medical Record

If you are having problems obtaining your medical records from your medical care provider, contact a Sherman Oaks Motorcycle Injury Lawyer. Although the medical records are referred to as the medical record of the patient, it is the hospital or the medical provider generating the record that is the owner of the original record. However the law recognize the right of patients to have access to the information contained in their medical record and to make copies at their expense. A Sherman Oaks Motorcycle Injury Attorney can help you get access to your medical records. As a general rule, a patient has the right to review of the contents of his or her medical record. The law allows patients to access their medical records. However there are a variety of restrictions on this right. A competent person can authorize access to his or her medical records by an attorney or any other legal representative on his or her behalf. An individual can also request a subpoena to gain access to his or her records. Contact a Sherman Oaks Motorcycle Injury Lawyer to know how to gain access to your medical records.