San Jose Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

Assert the product liability

Motorcycle accidents are not only caused by human negligence but also can be caused due to a defective product. But proving so can be a daunting task. Hire a motorcycle accident lawyer from San Jose to handle all the cases related to motorcycle accidents. They can help to show negligence on the part of the manufacturer even in the absence of any substantial proof. In a consumer expectation test, if the slight design defect of a product causes more harm than would be expected by a consumer than a strict liability is imposed. For example, a rider can expect a motorcycle to skid a little in wet conditions but it should never overturn. But if it does, then the manufacture is strictly liable and so the driver does not have to further proof the defect in the design of the product. The lawyers are capable of proving that the product was defective. The risk-utility tests can easily weigh the costs and benefits of a product and if the risks are much more than the benefits then the manufacturer is strictly liable for the problems caused by the product that includes accidents.

Help to get the damages and compensation claims

Motorcycle riders are prone to high-risk accidents causing grave injuries like muscle damage, traumatic brain injury, leg and arm injuries, broken bones, nerve pain and damage and soft tissue bruising. San Jose motorcycle accident attorney will help you to prove that the accident was caused by the product and hence you are liable for compensation like medical expenses, lost wages, property damage and even for pain and suffering.

Experienced and highly skillful lawyers

All the professional lawyers from San Jose are highly experienced with most of them working for more than 10 years in this field. They do not even leave an inch while fighting for the compensation you deserve. The lawyers are all familiar with the San Jose legal system with respect to motorcycle accidents and subsequent injuries. Just being cautious while driving doesn’t always ensure safety since the other person can be negligent. They will guide you to not only get the claimed compensation package but also give them tips for motorcycle riding like wearing helmets and proper gears. The success rate of the lawyers is pretty high and thus you must contact any of the attorneys from San Jose to fight for the injustice caused due to the accident.