Pacoima Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

What you do immediately after the accident can affect the outcome of your claim

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident contact an experienced Pacoima Motorcycle Injury Lawyer. Regardless of the severity, there are a number of things you should do to protect yourself.  First call the police or emergency services. Make a mental note of the events that led to your motorcycle accident. This information will be useful for your  Pacoima Motorcycle Injury Attorney. If you are injured, it’s always important to inform the police of your injuries or pain.  Remember, if you don’t seek medical care following an accident and have it documented, there is no evidence that you were ever injured. Your Pacoima Motorcycle Injury Lawyer will need evidence to prove your claim.

Information Exchange

Provide your Pacoima Motorcycle Injury Attorney with the details of the other driver. At the scene of the accident, you should present your driver license and other information to the police officer. The officer will use it to complete a form for you and other drivers involved in the accident. This information will also be included in the police report. Never rely only on the police report. While the contents of the police report are important for your claim, the police report will contain information as the police see it. It will not fix the liability of the accident on any party. You should make sure you write down all vital information and information from the other drivers, including:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Phone numbers(s)
  • Insurance company
  • Insurance policy number (and agent’s name if listed)
  • Registration information (name on registration, license number, make and model)
  • Exact location of the accident
  • Time of the accident

You should provide this information to your Pacoima Motorcycle Injury Lawyer. This will enable your attorney to locate the other driver and make a claim on your behalf. Remember, you must make your claim within the statute of limitation. You will lose your right to make a claim if you do not do so within the statute of limitation. When you have a Pacoima Motorcycle Injury Attorney working on your case, you can rest assured that your claim will be made within the California statute of limitation.


Photographs of the accident will help your Pacoima Motorcycle Injury Lawyerdetermine the negligence of the parties involved. Document the accident scene by shooting video or photographs, using your cell phone or other camera. Photograph/videotape the entire accident scene. Exercise proper caution when doing this to avoid injury to yourself or other motorists. Photographs will can prove to of immense help to your  Pacoima Motorcycle Injury Attorney. Remember, any photo is better than no photo. Human memory tends to fade with time. So by the time you are called to dispose in court, you may have forgotten certain things about the accident. The may appear minor to you but it can adversely affect the outcome of your case. Your Pacoima Motorcycle Injury Lawyer can prepare you for your deposition using the photographs to refresh your memory.