Orange County Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

Why hire a motorcycle accident lawyer?

Due to the loopholes that exist in the law in such incidents, insurance companies can easily abuse them and use your inexperience when dealing with the law to their advantage. Hiring an attorney will allow you to not lose cognisance of the options that are available in your hand. Fighting your case would require analysis and research from a legal mind that understands the frameworks of the law.

It becomes very hard to pay for expensive medical bills if the motorcyclist is uninsured. Availability of insurance for drivers varies from state to state with some states permitting insurance for cars that have at least four wheels. Securing compensation becomes very hard in such cases even though you are the one who was wronged. Hire an Orange County motorcycle accident attorney after the incident at your earliest convenience so that they can guide you and investigate to ascertain the true facts of the case.

Compensation that can be recovered

Recovering compensation can be done in a proper manner by securing the services of an attorney.

  • Medical expenses –The medical expenses incurred during the treatment of your injuries can be recovered after it is proven that these are related to the accident.
  • Mental Trauma – The damage caused by a motorcycle accident is not only physical but also mental. Gradually, the incident takes a toll on the mental aspect of not only the injured person but also his family.
  • Pain – Compensation for the pain caused due to the injury that was inflicted in the accident can be recovered.
  • Financial loss – A motorcycle accident can completely halt the regular life of a person and cause him to miss work. The amount of the wages that were lost due to the absence caused by the accident can be recovered.

 Accident Injury Claims

There are several legal proceedings that can be undertaken against parties after the facts of the incident have been obtained. The medical costs for your treatment and the pain and suffering caused can help you reach a settlement that is fair and justified.

Use the services of a motorcycle accident Lawyer in Orange County to contact the guilty party to reach a settlement. Your legal counsel must prove that the other party was indeed at fault. If you fail to reach an agreeable amount for the settlement, you can start legal proceedings.

A faulty product of the motorcycle may also lead to accidents. This is usually because of a defect or a dangerous fall in one or several parts of the motorcycle.

In case of the death of a family member due to a motorcycle accident, you can file a wrongful death lawsuit with the assistance of a legal team.