Monterey Park Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

The nature of your injuries will play a vital role in determining the damages.

Speak to a Monterey Park Motorcycle Injury Lawyer to know the damages you can get in a motorcycle injury claim. The law cannot undo the consequences of an accident by healing a broken arm or taking away the pain of an injury. What it does instead is to award money damages in an attempt to compensate the injured plaintiff for the loss she has suffered at the hands of the defendant. The goal is to put the plaintiff in the position she would have been in if the accident had never happened, so far as it is possible to do so by giving her a sum of money to make up for her loss. After reviewing your case, Monterey Park Motorcycle Injury Attorney can advise you of the damages you can claim. Money damages are awarded to remove the economic consequences of an injury and to provide monetary compensation for the noneconomic consequences. Your Monterey Park Motorcycle Injury Lawyer will zealously fight to ensure that you get the damages you are entitled to.

Pain and Suffering

Your Monterey Park Motorcycle Injury Attorney will convince the court that you are entitled to damages for your pain and suffering. It provides some measure, however inadequate, of the plaintiff’s loss. Damages for pain and suffering provide a fund for the your Monterey Park Motorcycle Injury Lawyer’s fees, which allows the award for economic loss to remain intact. The typical tort damages are purely compensatory. In extreme cases, however, a different kind of damages are awarded with the sole purpose of punishing the defendant for doing wrong. These are called punitive damages. Your Monterey Park Motorcycle Injury Attorney will seek punitive damages on your behalf if the circumstances of your case warrant punitive damages.


Your Monterey Park Motorcycle Injury Lawyer knows that merely claiming damages will not result in an award. You must prove your claim. For proving your claim you will require information. During the discovery stage, your Monterey Park Motorcycle Injury Attorney will request for information from the defendant which can help in proving your claim for damages. Obtaining any useful documents is the challenge. Obtaining judicial relief from burdensome discovery strategies is equally challenging. Judges prefer to allow cases to proceed with minimal court direction during the discovery phase, with the parties working out their differences. Cases can be won or lost during discovery. Defense law firms often employ feast-or-famine discovery tactics. When the “feast” strategy is used, boxes and boxes of documents are produced. Most of the material is of little or no interest, creating a document bottleneck that can inhibit valuable materials from being found. Conversely, when the “famine” strategy is employed, documents are produced to the other side only when they have been specifically requested, or if the court compels their disclosure. Your Monterey Park Motorcycle Injury Lawyer will become involved in efforts to identify those documents that may have been withheld but are critical to the case or, alternatively, to sift through mounds of documents in search of a smoking gun.