Monrovia Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

You must protect yourself against the tricks and traps laid by the insurance company.

Hire the services of a Monrovia Motorcycle Injury Lawyer to fight your motorcycle injury claim. Motorcycle injury claims are complex. There are many reasons that can sink your motorcycle injury claim. That’s why you need a Monrovia Motorcycle Injury Attorney who can review your case and medical recovery to ensure that you get a full and fair settlement. The involvement of an attorney makes it an even battle and levels the playing field. The attorney will protect you against the traps  and mind games played by the insurance company. Your claim will affect the profits of the insurance company. It will do everything it can to deny your claim. A Monrovia Motorcycle Injury Lawyer understands how state law (and maybe even Federal law) applies to your case.

Settlement Offer

Your Monrovia Motorcycle Injury Attorney can take care of the day-to-day headaches and complexities of dealing with the insurance companies and their adjusters. If an insurance company refuses to accept liability for its at-fault driver,  the attorney be willing to litigate your case through a mediation, arbitration, or (if necessary) a trial. A Monrovia Motorcycle Injury Lawyer will not recommend you take an early or premature settlement offer. The insurance company will attempt to get a quick and cheap settlement by offering a nominal amount up front before you can understand the full scope and nature of your injuries. Often these offers are made within days of the accident by an adjuster who will turn up at your door waving a nominal check. In nearly every case, motorcycle injury victims who take the “easy money” soon regret the quick settlement when their pain continues, medical bills pile up, days or weeks of work is lost, and you must pay someone to perform essential services. Don’t let the insurance company trick you into accepting less for your motorcycle injuries. Consult a Monrovia Motorcycle Injury Attorney.

Release of Claims

If the insurance company asks you to sign a ‘Release of Claims” form, contact your Monrovia Motorcycle Injury Lawyer immediately. When the insurance adjuster offers you a financial settlement, he or she will require you to sign a ‘Release of Claims.’ Never sign this document without speaking to your Monrovia Motorcycle Injury Attorney. This document is a legally binding contract, saying you release the other driver from responsibility to pay for any additional claims for compensation. Once that document is signed you cannot go back and ask for another financial settlement. If you do so, the court will dismiss your lawsuit. Don’t be fooled by a caring attitude of a friendly insurance claims adjuster. The adjuster’s real objective is to have you accept the smallest settlement possible and sign a Release of Claims. For this reason, the insurance adjustor will try to pressure you to accept a financial settlement in the early stages of your case – before you know the full extent of your injuries, length of recovery, and lost income. Talk to an experienced Monrovia Motorcycle Injury Lawyer before signing a ‘Release of Claims’.