Granada Hills Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

 As the client, you have certain rights.

Despite your best efforts to settle your insurance claim yourself at some point in the process you might wind up wanting or needing help from Granada Hills Motorcycle Injury Lawyer because of the seriousness of your injuries, complications in your claim, or simply an insurance company refusing to make you a reasonable offer. You may save yourself considerable grief at the end of your case by getting your fee arrangement, as well as matters relating to expenses, clear at the beginning. As your case proceeds, you and your Granada Hills Motorcycle Injury Attorney may need to decide about:

• ongoing expenses

• the amount of time and hassle you personally give to the case

• how quickly your case gets resolved

• whether to take major lawsuit steps that may cost considerable time and money, and

• when to accept a settlement.

Although you should participate in these decisions, you will depend a great deal on your lawyer’s advice, which is why it is so important to choose a Granada Hills Motorcycle Injury Lawyer who explains what is going on and who listens to what you have to say.

Hiring Others

Sometimes it can be useful for your Granada Hills Motorcycle Injury Attorney to hire someone to help figure out and prove what happened in the accident, to find witnesses, or to dig up information about the defendant. This person might be a private investigator or an expert in accident reconstruction. Your Granada Hills Motorcycle Injury Lawyer might also want to hire a doctor who specializes in the type of injuries you have sustained, to examine you or your medical records, and to give an expert opinion about the extent of your injuries or your future medical needs and costs. Some delay is an unavoidable and yet common part of the lawsuit game. But you may be able to keep delays to a minimum by regularly monitoring what your Granada Hills Motorcycle Injury Attorney and the other side are doing and gently pressing to keep your case moving.


The most important decision you and your Granada Hills Motorcycle Injury Lawyer are likely to make together is when to settle your case. As with deciding about whether to accept an insurance adjuster’s offer when handling negotiations by yourself, the decision about when to accept a settlement offer your lawyer has obtained depends solely on whether you are satisfied. Your Granada Hills Motorcycle Injury Attorney will explain to you the legal consequences of accepting the settlement. You must balance what you think the case is worth against the effort and expense it might take to get more than has been offered, plus the likelihood of actually getting more. You also have to consider how quickly you need the money and how weary you are of the whole process. The advice from your Granada Hills Motorcycle Injury Lawyer will help you take the right decision.