Downey Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

An experienced Downey Motorcycle Injury Lawyer can assist you prepare for your motorcycle injury litigation. Before filing a lawsuit, do a final evaluation of your claim. As with any lawsuit, there is always the possibility that you will win nothing or a judge may award you much less than you think is fair—even less than the insurance company offered to settle your case. Your Downey Motorcycle Injury Attorney can explain to you the likely outcome of your claim and your options. Before filing your court case, think once more about how strong your claim is regarding the other party’s liability and your own comparative fault. Consider the insurance company’s arguments concerning fault and think how those arguments would sound to a judge. When you have a Downey Motorcycle Injury Lawyerworking on your case, you can rest assured that the lawyer has done all the necessary homework.

Honest Opinion

Your Downey Motorcycle Injury Attorney will be like your friend. Before you decide on filing a motorcycle injury lawsuit, you will need an honest opinion about your claim. Your Downey Motorcycle Injury Lawyer will after considering the issue of fault evaluate how much your claim is worth based on the extent of your injuries noted in your medical records. Before you actually go to court and present your case, you must file with the court clerk a document called a complaint, in which you as the complaining party are called the plaintiff. This complaint must name and be delivered to, or served on, the other people you believe were legally responsible for the accident. In the complaint, these people are referred to as defendants. Along with this complaint, you must serve on the defendants a summons—an official court order to appear in court on the date given to you by the court clerk. The complaint and the summons must be served on the defendants according to the California Civil Procedure Code. This job is best left to the expert – your Downey Motorcycle Injury Attorney.

Court Hearing

Your Downey Motorcycle Injury Lawyer will represent you during the court hearing. When your case is called—the name of the case will be your last name versus the other person’s last name move up to the tables that will be in front of the bench where the judge sits. Because you are the plaintiff—the one who filed the lawsuit—your Downey Motorcycle Injury Attorney will start the case by letting the judge know what kind of case you have, then describe the accident, your injuries, your treatment, your recovery, and your damages and end with a request for a specific amount of damages plus your court costs. The defendants will then put forth their case. Both sides will be allowed to present witnesses and evidence in support of their cases. After hearing both sides, the jury will reach a verdict and the judge will pass the judgement. A Downey Motorcycle Injury Lawyer will strive to achieve the best possible verdict for your motorcycle injury claim.