Culver City Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

Culver City Motorcycle Injury Lawyer can give you valuable legal advice

Remember that you can be only compensated for your injuries if someone else is at fault for your damages. In other to be at fault, all elements of negligence must be met: duty, breach of duty, causation and damages. A Culver City Motorcycle Injury Attorney will review your case to determine the presence of these elements of negligence. Because damages are an element of negligence, you are required to provide evidence of your damages. Therefore, an insurance adjuster will not take seriously a claim that is based solely upon your good word. In order to substantiate your claim for damages, you will need to produce certain specific and detailed medical documentation related to your injuries and treatment. A Culver City Motorcycle Injury Lawyer can help you collect your medical records from your medical care provider. Your medical records cannot be simply released to anyone. They are privileged and protected by Federal law. However, to support a claim for motorcycle injuries, you will be required to produce documentation to substantiate your claim of injuries. Consult with a Culver City Motorcycle Injury lawyer to know how to collect your medical records.

Insurance Carrier

Culver City motorcycle injury lawyer can help you make a claim with your insurance company. When you make a motorcycle injury claim under your own policy of insurance, you are generally required by the terms and duties defined under your policy to sign a medical authorization which will allow your insurance carrier to obtain your medical records directly from your treating physicians. Consult with a Culver City Motorcycle Injury attorney before you sign this authorization. Once you sign the authorization, your insurance carrier will have access to your entire medical history. This can become an issue in the case of pre-existing injuries in that they will be aware of any similar complaints you have had in the past, giving them leverage to terminate your benefits. Talk to a Culver City Motorcycle injury lawyer to know your options.


Speak to a Culver City Motorcycle Injury lawyer before you sign any release. A liability claims adjuster from the insurance company will make every effort to entice you to sign an authorization for release of your medical records to him.  The adjuster may stress that it will save you the cost of the records, and the work involved in collecting them. Contact your Culver City Motorcycle injury attorney if your insurance adjuster asks you to sign any release. Refuse to sign a medical release allowing the adjuster access to your records. The adjuster is not your friend. He is working for the insurance company. The insurance company just needs an excuse to deny your claim. Signing a release on behalf of a liability adjuster is to voluntarily hand him the ammunition he will use to blow holes in the value of your claim and settlement. You can avoid this kind of a situation by seeking the advise of an experienced Culver City Motorcycle Injury lawyer.