Covina Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

If you have a motorcycle injury claim, your Covina Motorcycle Injury Lawyer will make a claim with the party whose fault is the cause of the accident. If that party or the party’s insurance company does not pay your claim, you lawyer will file a lawsuit against that party. After filing the lawsuit against the party at fault, your Covina Motorcycle Injury Attorney will serve the lawsuit on the party at fault. The party at fault will more likely respond to your lawsuit denying that it was at fault. Once all the pleadings have been filed, the next stage of the lawsuit is the discovery process. Discovery is the formal pretrial process of fact-finding in which lawyers from both sides are able to obtain facts and information about the other’s case. During discovery, each party gives the opposing party access to information, documents, and key witnesses with pertinent facts. A primary purpose of discovery is to ensure that cases are decided based on the evidence known in advance, rather than as a result of surprises in the courtroom. Your Covina Motorcycle Injury Lawyer will use the information obtained during discovery to develop the strategy for your case.

Role of Attorney

Your Covina Motorcycle Injury Lawyer will assist you with the discovery process. Discovery is comprised of three primary parts: interrogatories, requests for production of documents, and depositions. During the discovery process, the party at fault will also seek information from you. Before you disclose any information, speak to your Covina Motorcycle Injury Attorney. The intent of discovery is to gather information and facts relevant to the case. While the scope of discovery is broader than the scope of admissible evidence in trial, unreasonably broad requests for information, sometimes called “fishing expeditions,” are not allowed. Requests cannot be overly broad or cause undue burden on the party answering them. Information must be relevant and must lead to the discovery of admissible evidence. Your Covina Motorcycle Injury Attorney will object to any request that is a fishing expedition.

 Importance of Discovery

When preparing you for the discovery process, your Covina Motorcycle Injury Lawyer will explain to you the importance of the discovery process. Cases can be won or lost during discovery. Sometimes key information is never properly requested from the other side; key documents may not be identified or, conversely, there may be so many documents that they cannot be properly tracked or inspected. It is therefore very important to have an experienced Covina Motorcycle Injury Attorney assist you during the discovery process. The information obtained through discovery can make or break a case. In the event that the case does go to trial, proper discovery and preparation can expedite the case. As a result, discovery is often the most time-consuming aspect of litigation, in some cases lasting years. A Covina Motorcycle Injury Lawyer will ensure that your interests are protected at every stage of your motorcycle injury claim.