Columbus Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Putting a value on a motorcycle injury case

If you have a motor insurance policy, you can get damages compensated by the insurance company under the right circumstances. However, there are several things that determine whether your claim is valid and hiring a Columbus motorcycle accident attorney is the best way of determining whether you have a valid case. Firstly, it is important to establish a value by analysing several factors which include – the extent of your injuries, nature of injuries, medical costs incurred, etc. Most people who seek compensations from insurance policies often want to first find out what the value of their claim could be. However, there is no way to determine this accurately without having an experienced attorney carefully look over every detail of the case. This can often take some time depending upon the case but is important to establish a fair value.

Know about the claim process

The best thing about hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer from Columbus is that they can completely take care of the claim process with your insurance provider.When you hire an attorney, your insurance providers will be informed about it. Then, your attorney will examine and gather all evidence related to the case that includes police documents accident reports, photos, videos, affidavits and other official documents that may be relevant.They will also contact the hospital to retrieve billing information and your employer to know about the wage information. Once your treatment for injuries is completed, your lawyer can prepare the concluding documentation for all the costs that was incurred by you due to the motorcycle accident. In some cases, your insurance company might offer an immediate PIP even before you reach a settlement.

Taking legal action

After the insurance company has received an official submission stating the value of the accident, your lawyer will begin negotiations with them. Your insurance provider will try to make arguments so that they can reduce that amount that needs to be paid while your lawyer will try to come up with counterarguments so that you get the maximum amount possible. This process can often tend to be long and dragged out with offers and counteroffers from both sides as they take time to review and evaluate the offers. The insurance provider might even try to discredit the extent of the injuries and bills you provide. At the end, if both parties fail to reach an agreement, the only option is to file a lawsuit against the company. Thus, having a lawyer always comes in handy as every case has the potential to go to court. A qualified lawyer who has experience in dealing with motorcycle injury cases will help you get the fair amount you deserve.