Burbank Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

Burbank Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

Burbank Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

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If your motorcycle accident was caused by a truck, speak to a Burbank motorcycle injury lawyer to know your options. There can be many reasons for a truck accident. The number one reason for a truck accident is driver negligence. Often truck drivers in an attempt to reach the destination drive fast and tend to break traffic rules. Motorcycle riders involved in an accident with a truck can suffer severe injuries. A Burbank motorcycle injury can help you determine the cause of the accident. Another cause of trucking accidents is defective products. For example if the truck driver applies the brakes but the brakes fail to function, it is a case of defective product and the manufacturer of the truck along with the manufacturer of the brakes will be liable for your injuries caused by the accident. Sometimes external factors such as poor road conditions or lack of proper signage can cause accidents. In such cases, you can claim compensation from the government agency responsible for the maintenance of the road. Speak to a Burbank motorcycle injury lawyer to know more.

 Trucking Companies

A Burbank motorcycle injury attorney can review your case and advise you if you have a claim against the trucking company. In case of a motorcycle accident caused by truck driver negligence, besides the driver, the trucking company may also be liable. Poor practices in hiring, training and supervising the drivers can lead to driver negligence. For trucking companies, safety comes a distant second to profits. Proving the liability of a trucking company for an accident requires skill and expertise. It is best left to the expert – a Burbank motorcycle injury attorney. Any truck driver who knowingly operates a truck that requires maintenance acts in a negligent manner and will be liable for any accident that subsequently occurs. A Burbank motorcycle injury lawyer will check to see if the trucking company failed to carry out the necessary maintenance and repairs thereby being liable for the accident.

Proving Liability

A Burbank motorcycle injury lawyer can demonstrate that the trucking company was negligent and the negligence of the trucking company contributed to or caused the accident. The negligence need not be the only or the main cause. Even if it is a minor factor in the entire sequence of events that led to the accident, you can claim compensation from the trucking company. Your Burbank motorcycle injury attorney will check the log books and records of the trucking company to determine if there is any negligence on the part of the trucking company. Even if the trucking company is not directly negligent, the attorney will review the relationship between the trucking company and the truck driver to determine if the trucking company can be sued for the negligence of the truck driver under the vicarious liability theory. There are many complex legal issues in a motorcycle accident involving a truck. Hire the services of an experienced Burbank motorcycle injury lawyer.

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