Baldwin Park Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

 Besides physical injuries, a motorcycle accident can also result in psychological injuries.

If you are suffering from a psychological injury as a result of a motorcycle accident, speak to a Baldwin Park Motorcycle Injury Lawyer. Psychological injury cases more commonly find themselves in the legal framework of negligence. A Baldwin Park Motorcycle Injury Lawyer can help you prove negligence in a court of law. The vast majority of motorcycle accident injuries give rise to causes of action in negligence. Several elements must be proved by the plaintiff in any negligence case including that a duty of care was owed to the plaintiff, the standard of care in the given context, that the defendant’s behavior fell below or breached the duty of care and that the plaintiff was injured in some legally relevant way, the defendants breach caused the injury and the plaintiff suffered damages. Proving negligence in a court of law is complex and is best left to a Baldwin Park Motorcycle Injury Lawyer.


Baldwin Park Motorcycle Injury Attorney can help prove causation in a motorcycle injury lawsuit. Causation is tested with the “but for” test which asks “but for the negligent act would the injuries have resulted?” If a judge or jury decides that the injury would not occurred but for the negligent behavior of the defendant, then causation is proved. A Baldwin Park Motorcycle Injury Lawyer has the skill and expertise required to prove causation in a court of law. In some contexts, especially if competing causal factors are at play, courts also apply a material contribution test. If the defendant’s tortious conduct can be viewed as a  material contribution to the plaintiff’s psychological injury, then despite the presence of other casual factors, causation may be found. Within the context of applying the “but for” test or material contribution tests, the courts rely on the interrelated concepts of proximity, remoteness and foreseeability. Contact an experienced Baldwin Park Motorcycle Injury Attorney.


Baldwin Park Motorcycle Injury Lawyer can help you determine the damages you are entitled to for your motorcycle injury. Monetary damages are intended to return the plaintiff to the pre-injury status. Special damages arise from the injury in a manner that is peculiar or special to the case, they are natural and actual though not necessary, results of the case. General damages are more immediate, direct and proximate results of the accident, they might comprise any form of direct economic loss such as medical bills, lost wages or property damage. Pecuniary damages are losses that are financially estimable and compensated with money. A Baldwin Park Motorcycle Injury Attorney can help you recover future damages for the future effects of the wrong doing such as loss of capacity to work, future medical expenses and future pain and suffering. In addition the injured party can recovery damages that are said to be inherent to the injury itself such as pain and suffering, disability or disfigurement. Speak to an Baldwin Park Motorcycle Injury Lawyer to know more about the damages you may be entitled to.